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There has been a lot of progress over the past years. I've decided to make some blog updates parallely to development from now occasionally. I will summorize some of the concept of the game i will add in full detail on the main page later.

This project went through a insane mountain of work, with a lot time spent on the core parts that make the project possible, a lot things had to be engineered finding a soluion for - that works out, is scalable and won't turn into a bottleneck. There been many frustrating times with some problems that took weeks or longer to find a solution for, but most if not basically all of the question marks have been turned into exclamation marks now. In the next time i will probably able to estimate how long it will take for first alpha tests, the alpha is for a limited amount of users that will gradually grow over time.

In the game you start as yourself creating your avatar, you can decide which main race you belong to, each is able to master magic with a couple differences as well as strength. Further in the game you will be able to find your spirit animal wich you will be able to customize and transform into then anytime.

Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages
The game has realscale worlds using the Tesseract Engine for a massive procedural designed rich world. Land can be bought hierarchical, a couple will rule and manage countries anyone else (if they got the coins) can buy land on, they either own privately or build a public town on, anyone can become citizen of such a community either by approval or directly, so a mayor and members they give a role for community management can build houses and businesses, or just properties citizens can buy or rent and build on.

You will start with a couple coins but you will need to start earn more by collecting resources and selling them on the market, fighting creatures lurking close to towns or find treasures. So you can buy or build your own house and start decorating it.

Buy or rent a lot and build a business on, there is a huge set of different kind of businesses you can build and run, from shops for clothing to posions to coffees, bars, restaurants, clubs and much more.

Find books and ruins with inscriptions, artifacts and more to learn and improve your magic skills. There are various items you can also use for travel, with the most important item of any witch: the broom. When you start out to fly you better start low, you can fly up as high as the sky, to the edge of the atmosphere and you don't want to fall from that high. Depending on the type of broom and quality it can wear out from overseeing and crashing into trees and similar. Many items you can buy and use also can damange an break.

A community, from village to city can be of a different culture, from a medieval theme to more modern. This means the type of buildings that are built will follow this look and schema, so the types of walls, floors, doors, windows etc. will be of a set of this schema but still with a lot creativity freedom. Many items also overlap and are available in different cultures too. Not only the look differs but also the rituals, the life style and goals. Some might be a closed Wiccan celtic town, while others build a more modern open town together focusing on businesses.

Once you own some property or land you can start farming at any scale you afford. From planting tomatos in your backyard to becoming a fulltime farmer with entire fields. What plants you can grow, how good and if at all depends on the region (biome), living in a area with a rich nature might also be more expensive.

One of the major parts is trading with others, from your inventory or from a business. While you can set a price in a business, trading with somone you need to settle on a trade, you can request amounts of items and offer what you give in return. So it's a good idea to start collecting some resources first while you discover the place you start.
Author: Fyrestar

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