Realscale open-world MMO based around building towns together, discovering new land, go on advantures with friends, learn magic, run businesses, trade and much more.

Discover a giant fabolous fantasy world and meet other avatars. Team up with friends to go on expeditions, compete against magical mysterious creatures or have fun at events.

Create your own avatar

Customize your own human avatar as well as your spirit animals avatar! From body proportions, colors, skins and more, every species has it's own options. You can later change what you're wearing anytime. If you're up to go to the frozen north, it's a good idea to get covered with warm cloth before.

A persistent vivid world

The universe is build upon a connected procedural system which influences all nature, day and night, weather and creatures living in it. Discover places no one has ever seen before and sattle down in a friendly place or village you feel home. The world evolves over time, storms can haunt the country, seasons bring warm summers and cold winters, new creatures no one ever seen before can apppear, good or bad.

Trade, collect, mine and farm

Most gemstones are usually findable in caves, but some covered into rocks - unicorns can easily expose with their magic. Farm fruits, vegetables and more you can trade on your local market, or even start a little stall where you sell items. One can also collect other valuable items, like berries often grow near forests.


Team up with your friends and go on adventures, discover new worlds, enhance your magic skills by learning new spells, train your flying as pegasus and more. Face big fights against giant dragons, protect each other while conquering dark forests.

Journeys can took several hours over thousands of kilometers, prepare for a long trip if you are up to visit another country. For some bits, you can also travel by train or balloon.


Make friends

Meet at local hotspots, chat with others and have fun. Improve your social skills and reputation by being nice and friendly to others. You can earn badges for your achivements, like a hero-badge for helping someone in need.


Play on all platforms

The game has been developed along with the Surreal Engine for WebGL2 and will therefore be available for all major browsers supporting WebGL2, desktop and mobile platforms. After the first public release Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch might be targeted too.

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