3D Toolkit, Game Engine

Application- and Game Engine for WebGL, based on Typecast and the Source build-system.

Modern modular engine for WebGL (1 and 2) build on top of the render engine THREE.js. Including standard components and a full featured multi-purpose IDE. Targeting professional Application and Game development, fast prototyping and visualization.
  • Typecast + Source build-system (native JS, not external dependencies or tools)
  • IDE (for Browser and standalone on Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Asset packages in binary format
  • Modular
  • On-demand asset streaming and caching
  • Format for user-composed assets like customized characters
  • Auto impostor generation and LOD managment (color, depth and normals)
  • Auto instancing
  • Spatial scene management
  • In-built deferred renderer
  • Multi-repository management
  • Activities for general application behaviour and flow
  • Controllers for entities
  • Network cluster system suited for massive number of clients
  • A fast shape per-face collider system like "sliding-sphere", without a heavy physics engine
  • Native HTML syntax interface


The additional component Tesseract offers universe-scale scenes with real-scale plantary terrain including technologies for volumetric Terrain.

  • Create planetary scaled worlds, designed both, handcrafted and procedural
  • Scalable resource management, auto-optimized techniques for low-end devices
  • Scene management for infinite space with octree and chunk strategies
  • Procedural geometry generation based on fast JS optimized Dual Contouring
  • Volume sources for shapes, planets and landscapes (procedural and static data)
  • Decorators for procedural hierarchical object placement and layout generation

Widgets using native HTML

Packed applications can auto-attach to native HTML elements ("surfaces") with no additional code. One case could attach to multiple surfaces to display different models per view in a page listing items. While sub-elements can describe specific application-data.

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